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À la recherche de Glitter Faraday
– Novel, Editions Project’Iles, French, 2023 –

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Kebir Mustapha Ammi, born in 1952 in Taza, Morocco, is a writer whose journey transcends cultural and national borders. Born to an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother, he has chosen France as his adopted homeland for over thirty years. This cultural, linguistic, and national diversity has shaped Kebir Ammi’s identity, as he primarily sees himself as a citizen of a single homeland: that of words and literature.

Confronted with a reality often described as “uncomfortable”, Kebir Ammi has found allies in words, serving as passports to a “common world”. He has abandoned the divisions between people and nations to embrace a vision open to “the Other”, a vision that is reflected in his literary work. In addition to his role as a writer, Kebir Ammi teaches the English language, thereby sharing his passion for words and communication.

Through his work, Kebir Mustapha Ammi addresses injustices, suffering, and identity questioning, creating a literary body of work open to the discovery of “the Other” and carrying a universal message of sharing and humanity.


Le Partage du monde (1999) – Translated into Arabic in 2004.
Thagaste (1999).
Sur les pas de saint Augustin (2001) – Translated into Italian in 2013.
La Fille du vent (2002).
Alger la Blanche ; Les Terres contrariées (2003).
Évocation de Hallaj, martyr mystique de l’islam (2003).
Feuille de verre (2004).
Abd el-Kader (2004).
Apulée, mon éditrice et moi (2006).
Le Ciel sans détours (2007).
Les Vertus immorales (2009).
Mardochée (2011).
Abd el-Kader. Non à la colonisation (2011).
Un génial imposteur (2014).

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À la recherche de Glitter Faraday


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