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African Feminisms & Internet
– Non-Fiction, Investigation, French, Forthcoming in 2024 –


Sinatou Saka, born in Porto-Novo, Benin, is a journalist. She specializes in digital entrepreneurship in Africa and serves as the editorial project manager for France 24 and previously for Radio France International.

Sinatou Saka is an expert in digital research within areas that address societal issues in Africa. In this capacity, she has coordinated the RFI Challenge App Afrique, a digital innovation competition aimed at promoting the emergence of Smart Cities in Africa through the development of mobile applications or any other digital services that enhance the quality or reduce the costs of urban services. The goal is to leverage digital technology for developmental issues in African cities, such as girls’ education or healthcare. Sinatou Saka has also created the Idémi platform to encourage and support the creation of digital content in African languages on the web and in applications. She recently relocated her activities back to Cotonou in Benin in order to work more closely with the Beninese public media and offer her international experience there.

Her upcoming investigation dedicated to African feminisms and the internet is her debut book.

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