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L’eunuque et l’empereur
(Debut novel – French – Nimba/Editis, 2024 – West Africa rights)


(Version en français : ICI)

Solo Niaré, a writer of Guinean-Malian descent, has an unbridled passion for history and enjoys weaving tales of Africa that span across time, periods, and civilizations. His novels serve to spotlight the lesser-known stories that are carried by unorthodox and unexpected characters, shedding light on the intricate small histories that lie within the broader ones.

With four publications under his belt, including the forthcoming novel L’Eunuque et l’empereur to be published by Nimba Edition in 2024, Les fables du taxi-brousse, a collection of fables published by La Sahélienne, a children’s book titled La tirelire de maman, and a play named Le temps d’un mensonge, Solo Niaré is a versatile writer. His blog “A window on everyday life” ( offers readers an array of eclectic posts. Currently residing in Paris, Solo Niaré is presently working on his new novel that focuses on the Dogon civilization.



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