Tout est halluciné

– Novel, French 2016 –


The novel delves into the themes of women’s emancipation and self-discovery: the heroine, Justine, experienced a second birth at the age of five after an amnesic coma. Her father, a painter obsessed with Byzantium, raises her in Cairo, imposing his beliefs and forbidding her from uttering the words “Lebanon” and “mother.” During her adolescence, Justine turns to writing and literature to find clues about her mother and her true identity, despite her father’s opposition. She travels to Lebanon, where she meets Dalal, a militant photographer who helps her understand the shattered illusions in the history of the Middle East.

The novel explores how Justine tries to construct her memory and life despite the different versions of her story. While structured as a historical fresco, the book is not a historical novel but rather a reflection on personal and collective myths. It also addresses the theme of deception, both the lies we tell ourselves and those imposed upon us, highlighting their connection to violence.

With Tout est halluciné, Hyam Yared pours her rebellions and emotions into this 436-page novel, keeping the reader engaged until the final twist.

“Throughout this quest for self-discovery and emancipation, where echoes of the Arab Spring are heard amid hopes and disillusionment.” – Christine Rousseau, Le Monde

“For her fourth novel, Hyam Yared attempts the challenge of reconstructing a being – a woman – from scratch. Beyond Justine, it is the memory of a torn people that finds its way.” – Alain Nicolas, L’Humanité

“An impressive, captivating, and moving fresco that absolutely must be discovered.” – Dominique Baillon-Lalande, Encres Vagabondes

“The portrait of some remarkable women, their passion, their combativeness, their feminism, delights and surprises. And then, Hyam Yared, coming from elsewhere, has the merit of shifting our perspective, which suddenly takes root in the East, far from the familiar West. And this world seen from the East suddenly takes on a whole new aspect.”
Eleonore Sulser, Le Temps

“Because it shows that nothing is fixed in time and that the history of these territories has never been simplistic, it invites the reader to reflect by showing how much youth also wants to live freely, how it is also eager for poetry, sensuality, and a reunion with its roots.” – Julien Leclercq, Le Nouveau Cénacle


Publication: Fayard, 2016
Language: French
Rights: French to Fayard, Paperback edition to Le livre de poche (2019)
Genre: Novel
Extent: 440 p.
Material: English sample, Press kit

Rights inquiries: Here


@ Hyam Yared

Hyam Yared, a Lebanese writer born in Beirut, is celebrated for her contributions to French literature. Her debut poetry collection, Reflets de lune (2001), won the gold medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie. Her second collection, Blessures de l’eau (2004), received acclaim and was later published in Canada in 2015. Yared’s diverse literary works include novels such as L’armoire des ombres (2006), which explores societal oppression in a surreal everyday experience, Sous la tonnelle (2009), revealing a grandmother’s mysterious history intertwined with the main character’s obsessions, and La malédiction (2012), described as a precursor to the “Metoo” movement.Her novels also include Tout est halluciné (2016), tackling the challenge of a woman’s reconstruction and the memory of a torn people, Nos longues années en tant que filles (2020), exploring gender deconstruction through two characters, and Implosions (2021), set against the backdrop of the Beirut bombing aftermath. Yared’s work gained recognition in the English-speaking world with her inclusion in the “Beirut Noir” collection (2015) by Akashic. Beyond her literary contributions, she plays a crucial role in promoting literature and intellectual freedom as the founder and president of the Lebanese PEN Centre.

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