A.D. Bamba – La tour Midori (vol. 1)

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Beluas (La tour Midori 1)
– Novel (Science-Fiction), Les Classiques Ivoiriens, French, 2021 (volume 1) –

© A.D. Bamba


A.D. Bamba is a passionate storyteller in all forms living in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. His sources of inspiration range from cinema to literature, including TV series and manga. For him, any story, even the simplest, can become extraordinary if well told. Curious and enthusiastic, he is constantly interested in travel and technological innovations.

All these aspects of his influences and personality have always found expression in the stories that formed in his overflowing imagination. It is therefore natural that they are reflected in this first and ambitious debut novel, which emphasizes adventure, action, and mystery: Beluas, part of the forthcoming trilogy La tour Midori, brillantly carried by its groundbreaking publisher, Les Classiques Ivoiriens. A.D. Bamba’s trilogy constitutes a groundbreaking and pioneering project in the genre of science-fiction in Francophone West Africa.

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Beluas – La tour Midori 1


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