Beluas (La tour Midori 1) – A.D. Bamba

Volume 1 of The Midori Tower Trilogy

– Novel, Science-Fiction –


New Midori City, 23rd century. Terrestrial society has been infiltrated by the Beluas, a demonic army determined to annihilate the human species. The Congregation, a secret organization, has been waging a bloody war against them for over two centuries.

Its members spot Yusuke thanks to his supernatural physical abilities and open the doors to a world whose existence he had never suspected. The teenager becomes involved in the conflict, convinced that he is working for the greater good. But is the Congregation as reliable as he believes? What boundaries truly separate demons and humans?

In La Tour Midori, the suspenseful first volume of the Beluas Trilogy, A. D. Bamba introduces us to the fascinating destiny of Yusuke, navigating between epic battles and a quest for self-discovery.

A.D. Bamba’s trilogy constitutes a groundbreaking and pioneering project in the genre of science-fiction in Francophone West Africa.




Publication: Les Classiques Ivoiriens, Abidjan, 2021
Language: French
Rights: World Rights to Les Classiques Ivoiriens
Genre: Novel, Science-Fiction
Extent: 389 p.
Material: English sample

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A.D. Bamba is a passionate storyteller in all forms living in Abidjan. His sources of inspiration range from cinema to literature, including TV series and manga. For him, any story, even the simplest, can become extraordinary if well told. Curious and enthusiastic, he is constantly interested in travel and technological innovations. Beluas, his debut novel, is paving a new way to Francophone Africa’s Science-Fiction genre.


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