La misa de los suicidas: An Argentine Horror Gem Selected in the Libros de Película Catalog & at Ventana Sur Cannes


Within Argentine literature, Pablo Forcinito emerges as a master of horror and the supernatural, and his recent work, La misa de los suicidas (“Suicide Mass”), has not only garnered acclaim from readers but has also been selected in the prestigious “Libros de Película” catalog. Moreover, Forcinito’s tetralogy stands out in the Cannes selection at Ventana Sur, the most crucial market for audiovisual content in Latin America. This remarkable series is brilliantly carried by the editorial prowess of Metalúcida.

Libros de Película Selection

La misa de los suicidas distinguished itself among the 50 Argentine titles selected for their adaptability to audiovisual language within the “Libros de Película” catalog. This novel embodies the richness of Argentine bibliodiversity and aligns with the goals of the Plan Libro Argentino aimed at internationalizing the publishing market.

Ventana Sur Cannes

Forcinito’s tetralogy has also captured attention in the Cannes selection at Ventana Sur, the most crucial market for audiovisual content in Latin America. Organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival, Ventana Sur brings together key players in the audiovisual industry to promote international co-production, financing, and distribution of Latin American content.

Metalúcida’s Editorial Vision

The brilliance of Forcinito’s tetralogy is underscored by the exceptional editorial support provided by Metalúcida. At Metalúcida, the editorial line is primarily shaped by the aesthetic principle that redefines subjectivity. Specifically, it contemplates the traversal of contemporary subjectivity, in a narrative and language that implies a constant and dynamic engagement, sometimes breaking boundaries. Authors find their way through the fluidity itself, with numerous open doors allowing ample space and air for many to pass through.

Transcending boundaries

Pablo Forcinito’s La misa de los suicidas transcends literary boundaries to make its mark in the realms of cinema and audiovisual content. Selected in the Libros de Película catalog and showcased at Ventana Sur Cannes, this captivating work continues to leave its imprint on the Argentine cultural landscape and beyond, opening new horizons for Latin American horror. The brilliance of Metalúcida’s editorial approach elevates the tetralogy to new heights, solidifying its place as a literary and cinematic tour de force.


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