Suicide Mass (2)

– Novel (Horror Saga, 2023) –

French Version


In this new installment, Suicide Mass 2, horror extends beyond the borders of Reyes, and Olivia is not the only one who will suffer its consequences. The swamp asserts its influence, unyielding in its demand for suicides. From that muck, wearing another skin, Gomez returns to town to consolidate his empire of terror. The nightmare manifests, clear and sharp as real life.

Specters, ancestral rites, new miracles, coming face to face with the diabolical goat. This time, the three manifestations of the devil are revealed to us by name. What connection might exist between a cave in Antioch, an 11th-century German monastery, and an apartment in San Telmo transformed into an icy hell?

Forcinito’s strongly cinematographic style astonishes us once again. Few reading experiences will prove as vivid and chilling as this extraordinary continuation of Suicide Mass.

In the shadow of God, in the night, the heart of the devil still beats.

Suicide Mass 2 follows La misa de los suicidas 1 (published 2022). The 3rd volume is expected in 2024.

That night in the marsh after the fire should have been the last. I beheld Father Gabriel descending through the cane fields. The toad had led him along the slope from the railway tracks. A toad that could also transform into a goat or a serpent. The three forms of the Boss. That’s what I named him, trembling in fear, the first time I heard his voice. The Boss. He took a liking to it. He could have ignored me, leaving me to my solitude forever. Sunken in the swamp, you lose dominion over your body. You can hear and speak. Hunger and cold do not afflict you. Nor does the scorching heat. Pain endures while you drown, then it dissipates. Down below, in the depths, it’s a different realm. I know this, although I have never set foot there. Below, in the abyss, a cacophony of wails resonates in the black and viscous mud. Voices shattered by sobbing. The cause of such suffering eludes me, and I’d rather not inquire further. I know that it’s the destination for suicides, those who willingly succumb to the allure of the swamp. Immersed in the mire, the Boss was nothing more than a voice. That’s how I perceived him throughout the twenty-six years I spent beneath the earth’s surface. A voice in the darkest depths of obscurity. I, too, had transformed into a voice down there, bereft of a mouth. Words conveyed through the realm of thought.



Publisher: Metalúcida (Argentina), 2023
Language: Spanish
Rights: World rights to Metalúcida
Genre: Novel, thriller
Extent: 146 p.
English sample available on demand

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Pablo Forcinito, born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a poet turned novelist known for his horror stories. He won the national poetry contest Leopoldo Marechal in his youth. His acclaimed works include En tu mundo raro y por ti aprendí, Paraná, and La orilla de los encantados. In 2019, these novels were combined into the Trilogía de Paraná. Forcinito’s horror novel La misa de los suicidas was released in 2022, with the sequel La misa de los suicidas 2 following in 2023. Currently, he is working on La misa de los suicidas 3.


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